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Who are these MasterPuppeteers and what do they do?
They are the very small group of people that are part of the 0.001% that  in almost complete secrecy control and run the economy from behind the scenes. Felix Frankfurter, Associate Justice of the Supreme court 1939-1962, had this to say about them: "The  real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes." They control the largest monopolies. They constantly strengthen those monopolies with law and regulation proposals that they write themselves and have those proposals introduced and enacted by corrupt politicians that get paid (bribed) by these MasterPuppeteers for introducing and enacting these laws and regulations. They, the MasterPuppeteers, have "bought" and paid for these politicians and burocrats through lobbyists that are in the Puppeteers' employ. The lobbyists bribe corrupt politicians and burocrats at all levels of government (Federal, State, County, City) to introduce and pass laws and regulations that benefit the businesses and assets they own. These are the one hundreds of a percent corrupt people that exist and have existed throughout recorded history in all jurisdictions, countries and empires.

They are and have been robbing the economies at every level of jurisdiction. In the United States the Master Puppeteers skim the economy $trillions per year at the expense of "We the People". "WeThePeople" the 99.999% of us are the ignorant victims who get robbed via taxes, regulations, permits and other shenanigans. It is wholesale theft in broad daylight and it amounts to legalized slavery. How so? A slave is someone who is forced to give a small or large portion of the value of his/her labor to his/her slave holder. When governments at all levels of jurisdiction are the recipients and those governments are ruled by the MasterPuppeeers, then the MasterPuppeteers are the ones that pull the strings and drive "We The Slaves". Slavery in the UnitedStates is bigger than it ever was in the past. 

We do not want to eliminate these corrupt people, we only should reduce the amount they steal from us and reduce their power over the economy. The reason why we do not want to eliminate these MasterPuppeteers is that we would just create a vacuum that quickly will be filled with new MasterPuppeteers. Throughout all recorded history the economies of all countries and empires have been ruled from behind the scenes by these MasterPuppeteers. They were the ones who selected the Pharaohs and the rulers in Mesopotamia, India, China and the Roman Empire and every other government in every country in the World. They currently control the economies of every Country that has a CentralBank and are expanding and strengthening their control of the economies at every level of government and they do this in almost complete anonymity by financing and directing the election campaigns of the politicians that have been identified as sufficiently corrupt to become the elected politicians that run the economies of the Country, the States, the Counties, cities and all governments at all lower levels of jurisdictions. These politicians are expected to follow orders given by the MasterPuppeteers, if they do not follow orders they will be replaced by others that toe the line. The Puppeteers only need to "buy" about 30% of the elected officials in each governing body to get all the laws and regulations they want introduced and enacted. These laws and regulations strengthen the economic control of the monopolies the MasterPuppeteers own in special interest industries and service companies. 

There is not much we can do about their creaming off of the economies every year, because it is all done legally via all the laws and regulations they have created with the help of the puppet politicians they have "bought" with bribes and got elected. A small percentage, say 10%, of politicians in governing bodies cannot be bought by the MasterPuppeteers because they do not run for political office for the purpose of enriching themselves. These 10% of politicians are the ones that do not follow the directives of the MasterPuppeteers. These few "honest" politicians are gradually eliminated by the MasterPuppeteers by heavily supporting their opponents in subsequent elections and accusing them of corruption or some sort of other scandal. 

That all sounds suspiciously like conspiracy theories, but unfortunately it is the reality. The people who want to identify the small group of people that are the MasterPuppeteers with the aim to remove them, are totally wasting their time and effort. It is a lot easier to reduce their influence over the economy by eliminating or reducing the means by which they steal the $trillions per year from the 99.999% of us. 

So the main effort for "We The People" should be to be vigilant in detecting and identifying the ways and means with which the "MasterPuppeteers" are exercising power over the economy and to systematically and constantly reducing the methods and means by which they gain their power. It should be a constant ongoing effort because they will find new ways with which to gain power and "enslaving" the 99.999% of us. It is not smart to try to "eliminate" the MasterPuppeteers because new criminals will soon fill the void.



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